Give Your Users A Voice

Receive voice messages straight from your users with our In-app feedback tool.

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How voiced works


SDKs for Android and iOS with plugins for PhoneGap


Localization support for German, Danish & Arabic with more to come


Customize Voiced feedback widget colours to match your app

Why Voice Feedback Works?

Voice is still one of the most convenient communication mediums to date, natural to most people and is great for one-to-one communication. We believe feedback is better said than typed.

So Voice Them

To your users, it's as simple as a phone call without the cost and time overhead.

Then Stay On Top

We'll make it easy for you to stay on top of your customer feedback, so you can build better apps.

Because They'll Love You

Easy to use & stylish experience your users will love you for it.

You'll Score More

Listen more, build better apps and start scoring higher ratings.

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